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You alone can give meaning to your life in this unfair world

Life Coach

Discover your purpose

At an early stage, we become curious about life and what is the real purpose. We are all born to make an impact in the world and have a small seed of genius inside us. At the end, you might realize your contribution to the world or mourn over the missed opportunities of life. When one becomes curious and tries to answer the questions about life one might hit the right eureka moments. Keep searching and exploring and one day you will be able to answer your purpose in life. We all undergo unique challenges and come out a different person each time. Now, this experience becomes unique to you and no-one else can feel or know it. This is how to discover yourself and your purpose in life.

Wake up calls

The doors through which you wanted to walk through will start to shut down. If you have taken the wrong road there will be obstacles on the way hinting, that you might have made a mistake somewhere and chosen a wrong path. One should never wait for a major wakeup call in life to make changes. When life slaps you hard, be ready to make some REAL changes in life. The universe will send you signs and signals and lead you on the right path. Once you are on the right path, things will start falling in place. The right people will start to show up and your journey will become beautiful again. But many times we do not listen and respond to our wake up calls. Maybe it is time to unclutter your home, do something you truly love, deepen important relationships and own who you really are. Try to understand your wakeup call and act upon it today! Take control of your life, do not be worn out and start loving yourself.

Stress versus passion

Working hard for something we love is called passion, whereas working for something without any love will only create stress. It could be anything from work, personal or even a belief. Our personal meaning inspires us and it sets an equilibrium in one’s life. Only a true passion can transform the stress into passion. Passion is sometimes unpredictable. The challenge is bringing the two together and working in harmony which leads you to the path of success. But remember, passion can sometimes be unhealthy and adaptive. A healthy passion will allow you to provide a flexible persistence towards your desired activities. People who have a healthy passion feel less depressed, anxious or stressed. A big change can come with tiny steps and that is all that matters. It is not necessary to have a perfect plan for the next 10 years. All you need is an open heart and what your next step should be.