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The Plus Side Of Assuming The Best


The Surprise

So, if you’ve learned to trust that you are good enough, what would be different about you? How would your life change? For years, I believed I paid no attention to what it meant to say. Yes, I never noticed how my decisions to pursue any endeavors was based on my preconceived idea of what is or is not possible. Keep in mind I had nearly complete faith in my ability to fail and be laughed at. This approach to life is common for many people. There was no single event that changed my view of my potential. It was mastering my ability to identify successful behaviors from the past then leveraging those behaviors to grow and do different things. The big surprise was I had abilities that I’d been using all along to manage my day to day life but not necessarily grow.

The Learnings

The strategies I learned to cultivate and use towards accelerating my growth were already in play. I just didn’t recognize what I was doing. The most important are Adaptability, I am a master at dealing with the consistency of change. I embrace change because it sharpens my ability to find new pathways and directions for learning. If you can master adaptation you can learn to control one of the biggest roadblocks to personal growth, fear or fear of change. Adaptability has a very important upside, it builds confidence.

The Rewards

The reward is that you get to change your life for the better when and as often as you’d like to. Everything becomes possible when you think that you’re capable. Failure is no longer a fear but a useful tool for research that provides you with information that increases your ability to achieve rather than prevent you from moving forward. The ultimate advantage of assuming the best about yourself is you’re rarely disappointed.