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How to Stop Forgetting Things and Improve Your Memory?

improve memory

Intake of proper nutrition

At some point in life, we all have searched the entire house for a particular thing which we forgot where it was kept. We have even forgotten a birthday or anniversary because we are so occupied with our work. People of all ages tend to forget something at some point in life and age is only an excuse for having a poor memory. Doctors recommend consuming at least 5 vegetables every day to keep the brain healthy. When the brain starts getting the required nutrition in the body, it will function in a better way. A good nutritional diet keeps the brain healthy and active. There are many exercises which you can do to challenge the brain and make it active and smarter. Start with a small exercise by memorizing what you need from the grocery store. So, the next time you go shopping, memorize what you need from the store. Before checking out run through the things you might have missed. This way, you can keep the brain busy and help to increase brain health.

Create Habits

If you end up forgetting your toothpaste each time you pack your bag for vacation, create a reverse process. Keep the things first that you generally forget followed by other things. Follow the process of Reminder, Routine, and Reward. This method does not only limit to the daily habits but also the things that you generally forget in your routine. The things can be as small as picking up the newspaper in the morning, paying the bill or anything else. You will start to see the changes and you are likely to bring them into habit the next time you do it. Once you bring this new habit into picture reward yourself and praise yourself for the achievement. This will not only boost your confidence but also make you feel good about yourself. Creating a new habit is not easy but with time and effort, this is possible. Make sure that you exercise every day so that your brain remains healthy and you forget things less.

Work on your anxiety

When someone becomes anxious they tend to forget the thing even if they remember it. So avoid being anxious and calm yourself down. If something is troubling you then take some time out and think of the reason behind the anxiety. Once you can figure out the reason behind it, your memory will improve dramatically and you will feel confident about yourself. If you know that you tend to forget things, then make it appoint to write them down. This way you will not forget them and also stay organized. Write down the daily appointments, task or anything else that you need on a daily basis. Lack of sleep can also be a cause of anxiousness. Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep so that your brain is fresh and healthy in the morning.