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3 Ways To Synchronize Your Actions To Match This Vision



The Must-Do List

I believe that success starts in the moment. I coach myself to think of myself as excellent. This sounds simple enough however there is a science to it. Everyone will say set goals and plan your strategy. It needs to be a bit more than that. It also needs to involve more of your inside view of who you are versus what you think you want. What I mean is think of how this goal will make you feel? How will it change your life? Will it impact how you are viewed? Get to the real reason for this choice. If the answers to these questions inspire you to pursue further then you are in alignment with this goal. I recommend looking at the daily achievements needed to attain this goal. What must I do each day and how must I feel in order to be motivated to do it daily?  It’s this must-do list and the corresponding mood that will guide you to be more engaged in the moment and keep you in alignment with accomplishment.

The Physical Reminder

Next, you need a way to stay engaged in the moment. This is important because distractions will not stop just because you want to achieve a goal. You must find ways to snap-back into that state of excellence. This may sound odd but I use mild discomfort as a tool to remain focused on a concept throughout the day. Nothing harmful of course but a rubber band around the wrist would do the trick. I personally use my watch. I buckle the strap a little tighter than normal so that I know it’s there I associate that discomfort with the goal I am working on. So, several times during the day I touch my wrist and adjust the strap. While doing that I check in with myself and see how well I’ve maintained focus and how close I am to achieving the day’s tasks for the goal. This affords you a random audit of your thoughts and how you’re engaging in your personal view of yourself.

The Celebration

Finally, you must find ways that allow you to recognize your efforts and validate that achievement with some sort of celebration. This is something most people fail at doing because it seems like it would be less than modest or over indulgent. However celebrating achievements, great and small, serves as the motor that drives continuous achievement. I see it as the light at the next stop of the tunnel. Knowing that it’s not the final stop, it keeps me focused on short term successes rather than being overly concerned with what I must do next or why I don’t have to complete the journey to its successful completion. These are some of the techniques I use to coach myself and others. I hope the same is true for you.