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3 Ways To Feel Wealthy Without Spending A Dime!


Watch the Sunrise

This is one of my favorite assignments that I give to my clients. You can google that exact time the sun rises and then set your clock to wake you up just before it. If you’re not a morning person you can always go back to sleep, however, this act of watching the sunrise is one of the most wonderful benefits of living and its price never changes. I refer to the sun rising as the great reset! The act of sitting and watching the sunrise provides you with the most obvious truth that each day is truly a new start. If you are enduring a challenge in your life I promise that watching the sunrise will provide a relieving inspiration and most of all a better understanding of what truly is important. The sunrise is a wonder to enjoy no matter where you are in your life. Enjoy it.

Strategic Acts of Kindness

We often hear the occasional feel good story about a random act of kindness. They are beautiful and create a sense of joy knowing that there are people in the world that believe in kindness.

Social media is now mostly seen as a tool to glorify the worst in humanity, however, it also provides a platform for the millions of acts of kindness caught on video, so what if we all decide that we could be more strategic and commit to being an instrument of kindness. Think of some of the little things that make you smile, the moment when you were provided with an unexpected gift of some kind. I like to thank people for helping contribute to my day or letting a person know that their kind words or smile makes them my MVP for the day! Simple acts of kindness should be sincere and purposeful. They almost always add up to a day filled with more joy and a real sense of presence.

Listening with a Loving Ear.

We live in a world with unlimited ways of communication at any hour of the day or night. Even with all the technology that allows us to talk with each other, there seems to be a real need for many of us to be heard and understood. My idea of listening with a loving ear is about cultivating your ability to appreciate the experiences and life stories of those around you. Friends and strangers have compelling stories that go untold because there is this feeling that no one cares.  Appreciation of these stories leads to new and enhanced friendships that are based on trust and honesty. Few things could be more valuable. Listening with a loving ear means you are here to enjoy the journey as told by someone else. You are not required to advise or provide an opinion. Simply listen so that the other person can be heard with love.