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3 strategies for making better decision

Decision Making

Unfiltered honesty with yourself.

Honesty is absolutely the best policy in areas of life, however, it is most valuable when dealing with one’s self. The human mind has many extraordinary abilities one of which is the ability to create a false narrative. That serves the purpose of keeping you in your comfort zone. We have all had moments when we have made decisions that were different then what we stated we’d say or do and sometimes with realizing it. This is not uncommon but it is damaging over time. It is what I refer to as the unseen anchor that prevents achievement. The best way to create a new habit is to look at every decision you make big or small and commit to honoring those decisions at all cost. When and if you don’t be honest and take ownership of what happened and commit to reclaiming that decision.

Constantly ask yourself questions

Asking questions is the foundation of effective coaching. You can use questioning techniques to help maintain a positive course towards a goal or to gain a better understanding of your current situation. A favorite question I like to ask when I’m unsure of myself or I’m attempting something new is “What proof do I have? This stops your mind from reviewing the worst possible outcomes over and over. Use this question to start your mind down a path of possibility by demanding evidence of possible failure. This also paints a picture of what can happen in a best-case scenario.

Remain calm

Your reaction to any situation negative or positive is usually based on how you view the world. Having a calm demeanor is an important part of effective decision making. Look at how you have reacted to news that is negative in some way. Your reaction could in some cases make a bad situation worse. So invest in your state of mind with meditation and remind yourself that

I control only my reaction, not the situation. Ongoing work in this area can pay huge dividends by providing you with a better framework to handle the stresses of life.