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I contacted Darren because I had just lost my girlfriend, and wanted her back. The problem was, I wasn’t convinced that a life coach could truly help.  At the time, I thought life coaches were like the blue-tooth ear-piece of mental health: kinda a joke, kinda tacky, and only for people in Hollywood. But I was desperate, so what else was I going to do?

That turned out to be one of the luckiest decisions I’ve ever made. Darren helped me craft the goals I wanted to achieve, and then talked me through the process of reaching them. He was like one of my friends: funny, personable, and comfortable to talk to, just with much better advice. He was especially helpful because he answered all my questions. And when they came up. I texted him like crazy during certain moments of extreme self doubt and he always responded, always calm, always strategic, always funny. 

After a few successes, I started trusting the process. Which I now realize wasn’t so much a process, but more me learning how to set goals, power through self-doubt, and stay relentless in reaching them. A skill. Darren simply taught me the skill to set and achieve goals. That alone put life in perspective for me: sometimes you suck at things because you just don’t have the skill set to succeed. But that’s fine, because you can always learn them. Darren’s one of the best at teaching them. 

I’m still with my girlfriend today (it’s been two years plus), still am getting better at achieving goals, and am still annoying Darren with texts. You should annoy him, too. 

-Darius Emadi