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I am dedicated to using this space as a guide for the enhancement of adults living with ADHD- by sharing my experiences as a Success Coach Speaker and as someone who is committed to understanding how to achieve success living with ADHD. Through each post- I want to give my readers a beautiful message that inspires and cultivates a desire for action. My wish is that, every piece of writing that I share gives my audience the opportunity to enhance awareness of their gifts and helps move closer to becoming the most extraordinary version of themselves.
-Coach Darren

"My purpose is to provide valuable coaching services for those adults suffering from the symptoms of ADHD. I have designed this format and service so that there is the possibility for anyone to get access to life coaching benefits and services. I currently live with the traits associated with ADHD successfully and I want to share that success and ensure that anyone who uses this website as a resource will be able to better the quality of their life and achieve their goals."

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How To Use Love As A Weapon Of Massive Construction

  The word love is usually described in terms of romance and relationships. Let me say first, I believe in Love, I use the word multiple times per day and spare no expense in...

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What Does It Take?

  Everyone has big dreams but do you know what it takes to make those dreams a reality? More importantly, are you willing to do what is needed to attain this dream? Most people...

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Is There Anything Positive About Having ADHD?

  Here a Five traits adults living with ADHD can celebrate about! It only takes one Google search to find tons of information about the difficulties surrounding ADHD and its symptoms. Many adults who...

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3 Ways To Restart A Bad Day !

  Here are three ways to reclaim your day before it’s lost to disorganization! Except That You Are Late One of the challenges with having a day that is seemingly out of control is...

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Is ADHD A Gift Or A Curse?

Understanding the gift of ADHD The title of this post may seem hard to understand for someone who has just discovered they have ADHD. The truth is there is still a genuine stigma around...

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10 Confidence Builders For Adult Living With ADHD.

  One of the fundamental principles of any success, for someone, is confidence. For those adults living with ADHD this can be a very important first step in discovering how to approach living with...

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What should I eat if I have ADHD?

Diet and Nutrition for Adults With ADHD. What you eat is important, However, it’s especially important for those adults living with ADHD. Food choices play an important role in how the symptoms of ADHD...

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Three steps Steps to Eliminate Stress Forever!

Everyone has stress of some sort that is present in their lives. For many people, learning how to manage stress is a difficult task. We know that high levels of stress can have hazardous...

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The Imperfection of Perfectionism

Have you ever heard someone describe oneself as a perfectionist? It’s a term that is used by individuals who want to be known as ‘someone who is meticulous’, ‘someone who is in control and...

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