How to create an unstoppable drive that moves mountains!

When you think of the most successful people you know and how they continue to succeed over and over you probably wonder how they do it. Are they just born with it? What’s the secret? For those of us with ADHD, our challenge sometimes prevents us from staying inspired until a goal is achieved. One thing you must do is understand the important difference between motivation and drive. Motivation is great but it is also temporary drive is most important because it provides the fuel you will need to continue when your motivation begins to dull. So I ordered to create the type of drive the insures success you must create a moving image of goal achievement. The following series of questions are designed to solidify the type of drive that keeps your focus. Remember to be honest with yourself and hold yourself to the highest level of accountability when outlining your strategy for achieving any goal. Review these questions and define answers that fall into place for you begin your path to excellence one goal at a time.

 What will this change for me?

Asking this question after you have created a goal will ensure this is what you truly want. You must then understand why you want this. Asking this question is important because it provides clarity and is the underlining rationale behind your goal. For someone with ADHD creating inspiration that can be converted to actions is an important life strategy. It’s good for anyone but essential for those with this condition, this question helps you begin to see yourself in a different light. It also gives you the ability to reform your reality. It’s a way of creating a belief in an idea. I ask this question to also test how serious I am about a goal or idea. It’s a question that filters and helps you develop a focus on something you truly desire. To further solidify your commitment to a goal ask these additional questions

How will you feel?

We don’t think enough about how we feel during the achievement of a goal, the feeling is an important driver for achievement. When you think of how you feel it puts into the mindset of taking action. For example, think of how you feel after a great hike or a bike ride. That high is something that will motivate you to do it again and again. It becomes something you look forward to.

How will you look?

How you see yourself attaining a goal also adds clarity to your desired achievement. How will the world see you? As smart, confident, attractive. Create an image of your ideal self in this moment,

What will a typical day be for you?

This will bring the ideal into a more realistic space. How will you feel is an important question because you can anchor yourself to the idea but recall that feeling on a regular basis.

Next, create an image of yourself in the perfect state. The state of mind that is confident, passionate whatever it is picture yourself as that.


The detailed approach to creating a moving and vibrant image of your goal is my most effective way to create an unstoppable drive that leads to lasting change. Think of this as a movie that you will watch over and over as it begins to play out in real-time.  I highly recommend setting this to music so that it becomes second nature and you can quickly put yourself into the state of mind that drives you.  Use these tactics to give you the ability to take massive action towards achieving  your goals and developing the important skill of being driven to success

3 strategies for making better decision

Unfiltered honesty with yourself.

Honesty is absolutely the best policy in areas of life, however, it is most valuable when dealing with one’s self. The human mind has many extraordinary abilities one of which is the ability to create a false narrative. That serves the purpose of keeping you in your comfort zone. We have all had moments when we have made decisions that were different then what we stated we’d say or do and sometimes with realizing it. This is not uncommon but it is damaging over time. It is what I refer to as the unseen anchor that prevents achievement. The best way to create a new habit is to look at every decision you make big or small and commit to honoring those decisions at all cost. When and if you don’t be honest and take ownership of what happened and commit to reclaiming that decision.

Constantly ask yourself questions

Asking questions is the foundation of effective coaching. You can use questioning techniques to help maintain a positive course towards a goal or to gain a better understanding of your current situation. A favorite question I like to ask when I’m unsure of myself or I’m attempting something new is “What proof do I have? This stops your mind from reviewing the worst possible outcomes over and over. Use this question to start your mind down a path of possibility by demanding evidence of possible failure. This also paints a picture of what can happen in a best-case scenario.

Remain calm

Your reaction to any situation negative or positive is usually based on how you view the world. Having a calm demeanor is an important part of effective decision making. Look at how you have reacted to news that is negative in some way. Your reaction could in some cases make a bad situation worse. So invest in your state of mind with meditation and remind yourself that

I control only my reaction, not the situation. Ongoing work in this area can pay huge dividends by providing you with a better framework to handle the stresses of life.