3 Ways To Enhance Intelligence


My earliest view of Intelligence was narrow at best.  I knew three versions of the word. Those that were, those that weren’t and those that were average. I am happy to say that none of these versions were deemed unacceptable in the eyes of my family and immediate circle. All were welcomed. As an adult, I stumbled on ways to expand my intelligence. In this post, I will discuss my approach to the end feeding off my intelligence. The most important realization I can share is that you crave intellectual growth. The value of knowledge will serve you throughout your life in ways you cannot imagine until the moment you need it.


I love curiosity. It’s this great treasure hunt and everything you find has value. I use curiosity to find new behaviors that may benefit me or something I know. Curiosity is one of the best techniques for those who struggle with social anxiety. Asking questions to learn about someone gives them something to talk about and you the ability to calmly listen without fear of saying the wrong thing or worse having nothing to say. The art of being interested will make you interesting. Develop a natural curiosity by trying new foods, taking different routes home from work, chatting with new people and asking questions.


Another wonderful way to add a different facet to the gem that is your mind, is to travel. Take trips and look for an off-the-beaten-path experience. Live like a local. Eat their food, wear their clothes and study their traditions. Travel as far as you can, as often as you can. Traveling to other places is life changing for a number of reasons. It gives you another view of the world. Travel can help you expand your circle of friends and create a network of travel buddies. It also gives you an idea of how your home is viewed by the outside world. Travel will make your intellect wealthier with every trip. Remember, the further from home you travel the more exotic you become.


Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Reading is boring and it makes me sleepy. So what happens when you’re watching a TV show and you don’t like it? What do you do? You stop watching… same logic here. I would argue that most people would enjoy reading if they had an author and subject that sparked their imagination. For me, it was science fiction which naturally yields an interest in science of today, which made me interested in the people behind the science. I then discovered a love of biographies and history. So, reading is essential to the growth of your mind and the use of your imagination. Start with books you find interesting and develop a curiosity for new and different experiences through books.

How To Use Love As A Weapon Of Massive Construction


The word love is usually described in terms of romance and relationships. Let me say first, I believe in Love, I use the word multiple times per day and spare no expense in the use of the word to describe the deep joy I have for those I treasure. I once described Love as a weapon of mass construction. I wrote the words down and posted it on social media. I received a fair amount of positive feedback. I wanted to expand the view of this word and help others unleash its power. I have outlined three ways in which I use love in my daily life and the impact it has.

The Loving View

I learned the benefit of having a view through observation when I’m presented with a viewpoint different than my own, especially if it upsets me. I have trained myself  into the mindset of that opposing view and found its origin. This approach is not designed to make you agreeable to another view. However, it does help deepen your compassion for those unlike you. This does take work however, the payoff is you feel so much less frustration.


The Loving Response

This approach is so powerful. It’s used on social media regularly. I am committed to sharing my writing in a positive and uplifting way. Now, we all can agree that Social Media can have no shortage of negative comments begging for a response. If it is your choice to respond with Love, here’s a great exercise, find a post on social media, one that is possibly written by someone. Think about what you’d say. Then think about how you’d feel after posting it. That satisfying feeling you get when you’ve gotten your point across. Now what if you responded instead with something like, “I wish for you only the best and brightest days filled with true love and happiness.”

As I write this, I feel better, I feel a sense of release. I have gifted someone a loving idea. A surprise that will invite self-reflection and possibly reframe the dialogue in such a way that all leave the conversation feeling more connected to their own humanity.


The Loving Action

Loving actions are things you do for people that create moments of defined and unexpected joy. This is a bit like random acts of kindness. Which is wonderful. I prefer intentional acts of loving kindness. Plan on making those around you smile, decide to do something for someone that you know will make them feel connected and loved. It’s actually something that quickly changes how you view yourself and how you view the world. I use observation and compassion as the lens in which I view the events of each day. I believe in using both to find ways to communicate the importance of love.

What Does It Take?


Everyone has big dreams but do you know what it takes to make those dreams a reality? More importantly, are you willing to do what is needed to attain this dream? Most people are not or have underestimated what’s needed. Then there are those that are comfortable with just dreaming about it. The long and the short of it is dream all you want, dream as biggest as you want, all things are possible. Those that are willing to stay up late working on a dream will make it. Those that are willing to look foolish in the short term get success in the long term. Those that make no excuses about excuses will not be excused from success! Push yourself to more and be more. Discover your unique brand of success.

Clear Vision 

Start with having an idea of what it is you want to accomplish and it’s completed form. It’s not enough to say I want to lose weight. You need to be specific, you need to have a vision of what you would like to look or have an idea of someone you could model yourself after. Whatever your goal is, it always starts with having a clear vision. It serves as the road map or pattern for your eventual success. Now, having a clear vision is hardly enough to hit the target, however, it is a vital step and should not be overlooked. This vision should also be revisited throughout the course of Time when you are working towards your goal.


Anyone that wants to do something that hasn’t been done before has to address the idea of being afraid of achieving that goal. Courage is the ability to move forward and go after what it is that you want even though you might be afraid. You still know it must be done. On the other side of that fear is your goal and your achievement. Fear is not something that necessarily goes away but you should learn how to manage it and how it can stop you from achieving. Most obstacles are not outside, they are internal, they are self-inflicted wounds that you must learn how to manage in order to achieve greatness in any endeavor.

Strategic Planning 

Planning goes hand-in-hand with having a clear vision of what it is that you want to achieve. For individuals with ADHD, having a strategic plan gives them the ability to outline their daily achievement necessity that will lead to bold achievement goals. This is essential to the success of any goal. Strategic planning is just about mapping out your daily actions or weekly actions. It’s also about looking at what must be achieved every day in order to meet your targeted destination. For individuals that are interested in achievement, it always comes down to what it is that you are willing to do all day in order to hit the target.

No Excuses 

You must have the ability to remove the word ‘No’ from your vocabulary. If you talk to anyone who has had extraordinary success in life at some point in their life they learned that the word ‘No’ does not apply to them. You must be willing to have a ‘no excuses’ approach to driving towards your goal or attainment of your goal.