3 Ways To Restart A Bad Day !


Here are three ways to reclaim your day before it’s lost to disorganization!

Except That You Are Late

One of the challenges with having a day that is seemingly out of control is the emotional toll it takes on you, the anxiety that comes along with being behind the eight ball for the day. For those of us with ADHD this can be an all too common feeling and in some severe cases a dis-organized day with a late start is not the exception but more likely the rule.

To begin reclaiming your day, start with accepting where you are in the day, take a closer look at what can be accomplished then acknowledge to those around you that you are behind schedule, don’t feel obligated to explain why. Don’t feel compelled to tell a lie to justify being late. One of the best ways to limit that anxiety and return to the moment is to reach out to those around you that are affected and let them know that you’re running behind schedule. Create new times to meet and move deadlines.

Revise and Reimagine

After accepting that your day is late, it is time to revisit  your schedule, look at how much time you have remaining in  the day and have a conversation with yourself about what can be accomplished realistically. Look at your priorities. What are the activities that must be completed in order to stay on course, long term? How much time do you need for each of these tasks? So, even though you are behind schedule and late another great way to reduce the anxiety is to create a new to do list with estimated timelines for completion. Whatever the time allotted for something add 20% to it to ensure that you have enough time to complete those tasks. Remember you still have control of the day. Even if you only complete two things on your list you have managed to maximize the time available to you.

Keep One Eye On The Future

This next strategy may seem like it’s a bit out of place, however, it is crucial when I say keep one eye on the future. What you’re doing is ensuring that you will limit the number of items that you fall behind on. So even though you are behind schedule and you’re under the gun to complete many tasks I want you to put an item that is not currently due on the top of your list as a priority to do first. At the very least, do it second. The reason why you want to do this is, the things that are required of you and must be done, will in fact get done. One of the common causes of procrastination is thinking we have all the time in the world to complete some tasks, if you do it now especially on a day when you’re struggling to stay on top of things, you are teaching yourself a new skill. That skill is the ability to handle tasks as they come in versus always putting out fires. It’s reimagining your approach to time management.


Ultimately, you should remember that the work you are doing is necessary, important and, your willingness to complete tasks in a timely and accurate fashion has an overall effect on how you are perceived by others around you. All this has an impact on your own personal confidence and self-esteem. So, not only do we use these techniques to master difficult days but also to learn how to reclaim your confidence and put things into perspective. There will always be times when the day could have been better, don’t overthink it but do take control of it!

Is ADHD A Gift Or A Curse?

Understanding the gift of ADHD

The title of this post may seem hard to understand for someone who has just discovered they have ADHD. The truth is there is still a genuine stigma around ADHD and symptoms associated with ADHD. Many adults live with ADHD without ever having been diagnosed and experience many difficulties in just about all areas of their lives. To understand that ADHD is truly a gift first you must recognize the challenging side of the disorder and how to manage that part of ADHD effectively. Start with the following three strategies to begin your journey of discovering the gift of ADHD.


One of the most common and most challenging traits adults with ADHD live with is a lack of organization. The foundation of managing ADHD starts with creating a system for organizing all parts of your life. Divide your life into four parts; home, work, finances and fitness. Go through each part of your life and think about your biggest challenges with organization in each of these areas. Then look at what it costs you in time and money by not having organization in these areas. This is important because understanding the impact will help you motivate yourself to make the changes you need. The key to organization is a great system for all the tasks that are difficult for you. Get assistance, have someone close to you or hire someone to create a system of organization in these areas. You will only need to focus on maintaining the system that has been put in place for you. The key is making it a daily habit like brushing your teeth, combing your hair. When it is thought out in this way the task becomes automatic and less overwhelming.


Some tasks are beyond organization, they just aren’t the type of things that people with ADHD can do, this is different for every adult living with ADHD. So for those things that you cannot do or are too much of a struggle find a way to outsource. For example, if you find it difficult to keep your home clean because your ADHD symptoms make it a challenge for you, look into having someone come and clean your home for you. This may seem like a very expensive solution, there are several different cleaning services and combinations of services that can be affordable. Using a cleaning service only once per month can help tremendously, remember the challenge is not about cleaning, it’s about being overwhelmed by the work. Having someone else do that work for you starts the system of organization and then you just maintain it until the next visit.


If you’re an adult living with ADHD, you should remember that it’s important to push yourself to finish projects, achieve more and celebrate your successes. Try not to over judge yourself when you fall short of a desired goal but commit to continue and ultimately finish. This is important for you because challenging yourself helps you discover what is possible. Forgive yourself when you don’t quite hit the mark, but don’t ever stop trying, always look for ways to do more and get better and be your best.

Start with these three strategies, if you are new to your ADHD diagnoses or if you have some of the traits associated with ADHD, it can be the difference between viewing ADHD when it occurs or as most wonderful.

10 Confidence Builders For Adult Living With ADHD.


One of the fundamental principles of any success, for someone, is confidence. For those adults living with ADHD this can be a very important first step in discovering how to approach living with the traits associated with ADHD. Take a look at this list of 10 ways that you can influence your personal level of confidence and remember living with ADHD is all about discovering your brand of excellence.

  1. Know Your Worth

People that are known to have self-confidence have a real sense of what they bring to the table in almost all situations. So on this list of 10 strategies for building more self-confidence, knowing what you’re worth is number 1. Take a moment to look at the most important areas of your life and define your value in those areas. For example when you look at your job or career take an honest assessment of what it is that you do well, and  know what that value is to the organization you work for. The key to having confidence is knowing when to speak about your worth in the right situation.

  1. Know What You Want

Successful people tend to have a clearly defined strategy for what it is they want. Taking the time to outline goals and defining a pathway to those goals is one of the ways to building self-confidence for adults living with ADHD. This works well because you will build momentum as you accomplish goals, using these successes from previous accomplishments provides the fuel for future success.

  1. Positive Social Network

Successful people know that it is important to surround yourself with individuals who can provide positive reinforcement, support and real friendship. Socialize with individuals that uplift and add value to your life unconditionally.

  1. Be The Student

Find the time to learn more. Adults who have ADHD enjoy discovering new ideas and new information. Having a mindset of a student allows you to build your confidence by becoming aware of your world through learning. Successful people are always in ‘learning mode’.

  1. Judge The Cover Of Your Book

How you dress speaks volumes about you. One of the best ways to project a confident self image is to pay close attention to your personal appearance. Be sure that you are clean, neat and well-dressed for the occasion.

  1. Failure Is The Start Not The Finish

Take a scientific approach to failure. Successful people use failure as an opportunity to learn what went right and what went wrong. They then use that information to develop a new approach. It’s not personal it’s just part of the process. Adults with ADHD can find failures a real obstacle to success but if you can learn how to reprocess failure then you can accomplish any goal.

  1. Pump Some Iron

Or find some fitness routine that becomes a standard part of your life. Having an exercise program that you can adhere to is vitally important to your overall well-being. For adults with ADHD it is also one of the best ways to manage symptoms.

  1. Shine The Light On What You Do Well

Everyone has something that they do well in. The best way to discover confident is by demonstrating the things that you are really good at. Take one of these valuable skills and show off! This can take on many different forms, one of the best ways is by teaching someone. You can gain a new perspective of life, by getting feedback from the people you have taught.

  1. Expand You Horizons With Care

It is very important to be aware of the world around you. It’s also important to limit the amount of negative information that comes your way. Take the time to read about or discover interesting people, places and things. Start with the city and state that you live in, and expand from there. As you travel, you will meet different people and discover new ways of living. This will all become a part of your unique view of the world.

  1. Do Something That Scares You Every Month

One of the best ways to expand your confidence is by looking at those things that scare you, and just doing it. You should be defined by your successes and your abilities not by the things that scare you. You will find that practicing this approach will make it easier for you to do new and different things. It can be as simple as just trying something that you may not be good at. It’s the habit of managing that discomfort that helps you.

Keep this list with you and use it as a guide to manage your self-confidence. For adults living with ADHD self-confidence can be hard to come by and so being mindful of these 10 tips will help you stay on the path to discovering your brand of excellence.